A01Coloristic Human Differentiation

The project juxtaposes two cases of fair skin in postcolonial contexts between Africa and Europe: Africans with albinism, who are, thus, targets of stigma, and people with normal skin pigmentation who artificially lighten their skin, which is considered to be attractive.

Christopher Hohl (middle) with Osagie Fredrick and Taiwo Olateju.

Fair Skin in- and outside of Africa

The project aims to study the (de )thematization, signification, and
presentation of skin colour in everyday life and in social media.
Ultimately, the comparison of the two empirical cases under study with
further cases of coloristic human categorization targets a post-racial
reconceptualization of skin colour as a flexible marker of human
A shop in Lagos, Nigeria, selling skin-brightening products.
Marion Grimberg in front of a cosmetics studio in Lagos.