C05Mechanical Human Differentiation

This project investigates the development, testing, and production of humanoid social robots.

Mainzer Wissenschaftsmarkt: Zu sehen sind die Roboterkatze Hilde und der Legoroboter Charlie
The robots Hilde (left) and Charlie are part of the project.

Technical Knowledge and the Ethnosociology of Robotics

It explores how robots are given a human-like appearance and are equipped with human-like behavioural repertoires, to render human-machine encounters possible without causing irritation. At the core of the project lies the empirical observation of technoscientific assumptions about ‘the human,’ the informational and mechanical implementation of these assumptions into the form of humanoid machines, and the social interaction with these humanised machines, creating a techno-human interaction. The project thus contributes to the analysis of the ontological aspects of human differentiation and addresses the work of differentiation that distinguishes between humans and machines.

Humanoid robot (Foto: Hannah Link)