A04Successful Aging

The project: "Successful Aging: Best Agers at the Intersection of Age and Performance Differentiation" deals with the question of how age and performance interact.

Lisa Brau-Weglinski interviewing an athlete.

In doing so, we always deal with the cultural relevance of age(ing) and the expectations related to it.

What role does human differentiation play?

The differentiation between different age categories plays a crucial role in our project. We investigate how age can function as a marker for differentiation in varying cultural framings. In our research, we thus also ask about the social relevance of processes of aging and position them in their cultural dimension, specifically in the fields of "lifestyle," "sports," and "mental fitness.""

Which texts are relevant for the project?

The project refers to a diverse corpus of texts. We are concerned with media representations of age(ing), for example in the field of social media, but also in serial and literary works. In addition, we are looking at data from qualitative interviews conducted during research trips to the U.S.